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The Fertile Truth is your trusted resource and community for evidence-based solutions to guide your fertility journey.

The Fertile Truth grew out of my passion for wanting to cut through all of the fertility "clutter” and misinformation about infertility out there. This is a space where I share my personal passion for fertility, the evidence behind what really works and what doesn’t, and my clinical expertise from over a decade of exclusively treating infertility patients and over 25 years in medicine.  

I will be sharing things like the proper use of supplements because patients are sometimes self-supplementing with too many supplements or the wrong ones and without guidance from an expert and possibly doing more harm than good. I’ll also share stories from other patients on their journeys and things you can do at home to improve your chances of conceiving.  

While everyone else is telling you to do everything, I’ll be sharing with you how to do the right things.  



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"I want to help you take complete control of your body's natural rhythms so you can best care for yourself and reach your fertility goals. You deserve to be informed when it comes to your health."


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